Jade King

In her career spanning nearly 20 years, Jade has covered all aspects of stenographic reporting – court reporting, captioning, CART – in most corners of the globe. When she was teaching herself steno in 1999, the biggest challenge she faced was attaching her tripod.  In 2017, the biggest challenge she faced was continuing writing while being stung on both eyelids after a nest of bees fell on her head at a Google conference in India.  In the intervening years, she has faced many other challenges, including captioning three Olympic Games; reporting a 133-day daily trial with 28 realtime connections; covering nation-state disputes for the Cour Permanente D'Arbitrage (the Hague); and trying to identify speakers in the Sultanate of Oman where every lawyer wears the traditional massar.  She’s been held at gunpoint at the New Delhi border; sped between venues in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress; seen sandstorms roll past hearing room windows in Dubai; taken the testimony of the Australian Prime Minister in the middle of the night; captioned Microsoft’s CEO speaking to 130,000 developers in Beijing; taken a deposition in Mongolia under a 20-foot Genghis Khan statue; met the most beautiful woman in the world at the Asian Film Awards; hidden under a desk during a mid-arbitration earthquake in South Korea; spent a weekend in a derelict stadium in Kuala Lumpur with no access to fresh water; and died of embarrassment in Guam when she had to ask for 700 graphically intimate transvaginal mesh exhibits to be printed at the hotel front desk. She’s reported presidents and dictators, ministers and moguls. She still doesn’t know how to attach her tripod without looking. Originally from Australia, Jade has lived in Asia for the past decade with her family.  She spends half her life travelling, living out of hotels on every point on the spectrum from the butler-serviced Ritz Carlton Singapore to the flea-ridden slums of Manila.  Her steno passions are realtime excellence, and finding non-traditional pathways to success.  She works closely with non-English-writing stenographers.  She is accredited by the Supreme Court of Victoria.


Steno in a Strange Land