Ron Cook

Ron has been reporting since 1977, freelancing in Los Angeles, where he grew up, for three years, at which time he took over a small agency, which he ran from 1980-1989. He sold the agency in 1990 and moved to Seattle, Washington, where he has been a freelancer and partner in a deposition agency. At the present time Ron is free of his partnership and has been focused on working in the court system down in Los Angeles. His goal is to reside part-time in the Seattle area and part-time near the beach in Orange County, California.  Ron passed the RPR in 1977 and the RMR in 1986, and passed the first-ever CRR in 1992. He has been called the guru of realtime reporting in the Northwest. He has given numerous seminars, firm-wide, statewide, and nationwide, on how to become the best reporter you can be.  Ron competes annually at the NCRA speed and realtime contests, and also at the California DRA contest, perhaps the hardest of all realtime contests. He has won both the 2012 and 2016 NCRA Q&A realtime contests and is the reigning California DRA realtime contest champion. Ron’s mindset is to always strive to improve, to be the best you can be. He heard a saying long ago that still resonates with him today: “Dig the well before you need the water.”


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