Julie Bogart

Creator and owner of Brave Writer, the online writing and language arts program.
Brave Writer exists to empower you, the homeschooling parent, to be writing coaches for your kids!

Julie’s years of working in the professional world of writing equipped her to become an expert in the writing process. Graduate school and teaching at Xavier University helped deepen her experience of academic writing and keep her up to date with current trends in composition. The best writing (the kind you love to read) is that which combines the authentic, entertaining voice of the writer with the cool discipline of research and well-constructed argument or storyline. Brave Writer aims to bring that sensibility to all its classes and courses.

Along with having homeschooled her five children for 17 years, Julie’s homeschool credentials include 10 years teaching theater and writing for a local Cincinnati homeschool co-op of 300 students, a four-year membership in the steering committee of a local Charlotte Mason organization, speaking in the US, UK, and Canada at homeschool conventions, and hosting Brave Writer events all over the United States.
Brave Writer officially opened its doors in January 2000 and has taught tens of thousands of families from all around the globe.

Julie grew up in southern California, attended UCLA (Bachelor's in history, 1983), studied abroad in France, spent a summer in Democratic Republic of Congo, lived in Morocco for four years, and earned her Master's in theology from Xavier University (2007). Today, she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where she enjoys running, PG tips tea every morning, and kayaking.


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