Monique Jeanne Morrow

Monique is President and Co-Founder of the Humanized Internet, a non-profit organization focused on providing digital identity for those individuals most underserved.

https: www.thehumanizedinternet.org.

In September 2017, the Committee for the Henley & Partners Global Citizen Award chose Monique Morrow and the Humanized Internet as the 2017 laureate:

“Once a year, Henley & Partners honors an inspirational global citizen who has made an extraordinary contribution towards improving the global community. Your commitment to progress the global cause of statelessness, your tireless advocacy for a human right to identity, your visionary and transformational project have inspired our Committee members and all of us at Henley & Partners. You have been recognized as a pioneer thinker focused on the amazing opportunities of an hyper-connected world and an internet serving the purposes of peace and integration.”


Monique holds an MBA from City University of Seattle (Zurich, Switzerland Program), an MS in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University, and a BA in French from San Jose State University. She earned a Graduate Certificate in Information Systems from the University of Southern California and a Diploma of Higher Studies from the University of Paris-Sorbonne.



The Humanized Internet