Jeanne Morain

Jeanne Morain, is a leading security industry catalyst in digital transformation, author, workshop leader, strategist, development operations, product management and compliance expert and well-known private/public/hybrid cloud security consultant. She has conducted research in the cognitive impact on technology to meta-cognition, has presented at DevOps Summit, Velocity, IAITAM, various other events and hosts a monthly webcast around Cloud, DevOps, and Digital Enterprise.

Jeanne is a best-selling author on cloud computing, configuration management and security, is a serial entrepreneur with 2 decades of product portfolio leadership experience specializing in convergence and emerging technologies, and has successfully launched products leading to IPO or acquisition from Centigram/Mitel, Selectica (IPO), Marimba/BMC, Thinstall/VMware.


Privacy, Compliance and Cyber-Liability - How One Influences the Other