Don Cox

Donald Cox has over 30 years of security technology, cyber investigation and cyber security related experience. He has served as the Chief Information Officer and Deputy architecting, managing and securing geographically dispersed technology systems in the defense, energy, international affairs, public safety, and pharmaceutical industries.

Don has managed the creation of governance and policy for enterprise networks that handle highly sensitive data, served as a member of the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, developed and managed the Security - Network Operations capabilities for the Department of Energy, enhanced the Intelligence Fusion system and Decision Support Systems used by the Department of Homeland Security and served on a special cyber-security Board enacted by the United States Congress.

Don holds a Master's Degree with a focus on the Management of Information Technology, a Master's in Business Administration with a concentration on Information Technology; Chief Information Officer Certification, and numerous security and forensics industry related certifications.


Privacy, Compliance and Cyber-Liability - How One Influences the Other