Allan Martin

Allan Martin, CTO of ABMartin LLC, is an expert in data privacy and security. Over 20 years’ experience working with IBM architecting and delivering successful data privacy and test data management solutions within several Fortune 500 organizations.

A long time member of INCOSE (International Council Of System Engineers), Allan has helped to establish competitive, scalable and professional standards in the practice of systems engineering. He has provided vision and leadership for key technologies, including database management systems, grid computing, data privacy and encryption processes.

During the 90's Allan joined IBM to lead a team in developing software and solutions to manage heterogeneous environments by combining disparate sources like DB2, Oracle, XML, flat files into a single virtual view. Allan has successfully designed and implemented archiving and decommissioning strategies for numerous fortune 100 companies, including IBM.

In 2009 Allan formed a SWAT team in consulting for government and commercial companies, leveraging skills in database design and access, developed processes for Data Privacy/Obfuscation across federated environments establishing a practice to protect companies’ classified sensitive data.


The Hole in your Data Security Strategy