Steven Wilson, O.D.

Dr. Steven Wilson is the owner of a large group practice in Valdosta, Georgia. He graduated valedictorian from UAB Optometry School in 1980 and then served as director of the Cambodian Refugee Camps Eye Clinics in Thailand. He has been in private practice for 35 years. He is a Governor appointed member of the Insurance Mandated Health Benefits Advisory Board, recipient of the Vision Monday Innovator Award, recipient of the Vision Monday Marketing Award for the only private optical home delivery system known as the "Eye Pod", recipient of the GOA "Bernard Kahn Memorial Award", recipient of the CooperVision "Best of Practice 2015", and recipient of the Primary Care Optometry News Innovator Award. Dr. Wilson is most known for the first impression case "Wilson v Spectera" that culminated in Georgia becoming the first state that allows the private provider to prepare and supply frames, lenses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses from the provider's own inventory and the provider's own optical lab rather than being required to use the vision insurance optical lab fulfillment model.


Guide To Vision Care Insurance (51785-PM)