Teresa Camou

Born and raised in México, Teresa has always first considered herself to be a puppeteer, which she discovered to be her passion. In 1996, she joined the Bread and Puppet Theatre, and continues to collaborate with them to this day.
After earning a B.A in Visual Arts and Social Science at Bennington College, in 2004, she went on to found and direct “El Teatro Indígena de la Sierra Tarahumara”, which has become a native Mexican puppet theatre company based in northern Mexico’s Sierra Madre, known as the Sierra Tarahumara.
Along with her work in theater, Teresa began to make short on-site, documentary films about issues related to Tarahumara communities and was able to film two stop motion animations: “Tewe Chiva Nesero”(2007) and “El Entierro” (2008), which was recognized at the International Film Festival in Chihuahua city and recently produced and directed “SUNÚ” (2015) her first feature film, a documentary film about the struggle of Mexican farmer to keep their native seed alive.
In 2009, she won a Chihuahuan Institute of Culture grant to publish a collection of scripts and stories from el teatro named “Andares, Cantares”. She also greatly enjoyed being an Art Teacher at the Center for Education of the Blind (CEIAC), and recently installed two Art Exhibitions by working with blind artists, one of which tried to communicate to people who see what it’s like to be blind in Chihuahua.


SCREENING - SUNÚ - Spanish with English subtitles
VIRTUAL PANEL Media, Food and Globalization