Paulo  Castilho

Paulo Castilho has a post-graduate degree in journalism, and self-taught in the use of audiovisual and digital media. He mostly works as a videojournalist, shooting stories with his own camera and editing all the material. Of late, he has been using mobile devices such as smartphones to create digital media content.  In his 20 years in the profession, he has produced thousands of reports and also participated in the production of long-form documentaries. He has worked in both large broadcast houses such as TV Globo, RedeTV !, TV Cultura as well as in alternative media as RedeTVT. Currently he is working independently creating digital content for companies and has launched a new personal project: Quantum Journalism, with the aim of producing and disseminating information for the awakening of consciousness and self-knowledge.



DEBATE: What Can Media Change? Perspectives on the Digital Grassroots in Brazil.