Dr. Edward Lawrence

Edward Lawrence is a freelance broadcast journalist and filmmaker. His work has predominately focused on refugees, migration and human rights. He has produced and filmed for ITV News, BBC News, the BBC World Service and the Today Programme from the UK and Europe. He has also reported and commentated for the BBC World Service and BBC World News. His work began following a university project which focused on the lives of refugees in Calais in late 2013, some of which was picked up by the BBC. He has since freelance produced several films and news reports and has developed a knowledge and interest in international migration and the current refugee exodus. He has also explored the lives of refugees who have fled North Korea. Most recently, his work has focused on the lives of unaccompanied refugee children making the journey to Britain as well as the implications of changes to immigration and asylum law in the UK. He graduated from Bournemouth University with a BA (Hons) Television production degree in 2015. 


ROUNDTABLE 1: Migration and crises: engaging audiences, facilitating empathy