Dr. Sarah K. Khan

Sarah K. Khan launched The Queens, NY, Migrant Kitchen Series to make visible invisible migrants, bear witness, and relay their stories. She produces articles, photography, detailed data-driven maps based on Queens NY census data, and a short film, monthly. Her creative team uses each media piece to tell and share stories about marginalized people or forgotten histories.

Sarah spent over 20 years researching Asian and Middle Eastern nutrition, public health, medicine, and traditional ecological knowledge systems. She left academics to work as a freelance multimedia journalist-artist. Sarah earned a BA in Middle Eastern history/Arabic (Smith College), two Masters (public health, nutrition, Columbia University) and a Ph.D. (plant sciences, NY Botanical Garden/ CUNY). She has received numerous grants and fellowships to pursue her work. She is fluent in French, proficient in Urdu/Hindi and Arabic, can get by in Spanish and Portuguese. She is based in New York City and Madison, WI.


VIDEO - Sarah Khan