Demo Booth: SQL Server and You: Be a top notch SharePoint DBA

SharePoint lives and breathes because SQL Server allows it. Improperly configured SQL Servers can ruin the SharePoint users experience and cause problems ranging from poor performance to unavailable sites. Topics covered include SQL Server best practices for SharePoint and a comparison with general SQL Server best practices that actually can hurt SharePoint performance. Learn to be a good SharePoint DBA or at least enough to communicate with the DBAs in charge of your SQL Servers.

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Demo Booth: SQL Server and You: Be a top notch SharePoint DBA
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    Marcus Erickson

    Marcus Erickson is a Product Manager in the SharePoint group at Idera. He has researched, architected and written several of Idera's top selling products and is currently focusing his efforts on Idera's SharePoint product line.  Marcus has 20+ years of experience in delivering successful software products in areas such as SQL Server, Windows administration, security, network administration and programming tools.

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