Windows 7 Security And Managing UAC Prompts

Windows 7 migrations are in full swing or completed.  As part of this desktop refresh, many companies have removed local administrative rights on the endpoint and are using the Windows 7 built-in security features.  Have these met your expectations?  Are your end users calling IT support to get assistance with prompts for UAC passwords? 

Darren Mar-Elia, Microsoft Group Policy MVP, will walk us through the components of the Windows built-in security features and in which situations they work the best.  He’ll also introduce other methods for enhancing endpoint security within Windows 7 as related to managing UAC dialog boxes and best practices for managing administrator rights.

Next, Viewfinity will show you how to suppress the UAC dialog box and manage rights and privileges on Windows endpoints and servers. Using a fully automated process to identify common privilege needs across the entire user base, you can aggregate privilege needs and create a single policy for a collective group of users.  No longer will the removal of administrator rights be disruptive to your end users or a burden on IT.

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Windows 7 Security And Managing UAC Prompts
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    Darren Mar-Elia

    Darren Mar-Elia, is President and Chief Technology Officer of SDM Software, Inc ( -- a Group Policy solutions company. He has more than 20 years combined experience in information technology and software development. He was Senior Director of Product Engineering at DesktopStandard (acquired by Microsoft) and prior to that, served as Chief Technology Officer for Windows management solutions at Quest Software. He was also a director of distributed systems at Charles Schwab & Co. and helped guide that company's use of Microsoft Windows technologies. Darren has written or contributed to 12 books on Windows management topics, has been a contributing editor at Windows IT Pro Magazine for more than 10 years and is a Microsoft MVP for Group Policy technology. He also created the popular website for information and utilities related to Group Policy.

    Jason Forgione

    Jason Forgione is a software support engineer, straddling responsibilities between pre-sales and post-sales support.   In his pre-sales role, he interfaces directly with prospects, showing product demonstrations and helping them with trial evaluations so they can fully understand the features and benefits of the Viewfinity product.  In his post-sales capacity, he assists customers with downloading, installing, and using the Viewfinity products.  He assists in the resolution of customer support requests, which range from “how do I’ questions to complicated diagnosing and troubleshooting.

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