is proud to
announce and host


2022 SSC Cyber Expo

The Threat is Real!


Space Systems Command is focused on ensuring cyber and cybersecurity readiness and developing the innovating mindsets required to drive this mission. 

Nov, 9-10, 2022 at SSC headquarters at Los Angeles Air Force Base. The event will be held at the Gordon Conference Center and the vendor expo will be in the Schriever courtyard. 

This year's theme is The Threat is Real. Subject matter experts from SSC, government, industry partners, academia, and non-profit organizations will share knowledge and awareness to enhance SSC's cyber mission and focus areas. 

Select virtual options will be available. However, in-person attendance is encouraged (virtual attendance instructions will be provided on the confirmation email after pre-registering). 

SSC's Cyber Expo is open to military, government, contractors, academia, and commercial industry professionals interested in learning how Space Systems Command is using cyber resilience today and tomorrow to protect our current and future space systems and acquisitions. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of cyber capability requirements while building relationships to better connect with the chance to be involved in the SSC mission. 

Agenda for SSC Cyber Expo
November 9-10, 2022: 0800-1500 PDT
Unclassified event

*Please click HERE for the current agenda. 

There will be live question and answer capability during the presentations.

This event will focus on cyber resilience to protect our current and future space systems and acquisitions.

Content distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors for educational and situational purposes only and should not be used or consumed as mission or operational statements or visions of fact unless further validated by information owners as of 10 Nov 2022. 

Cyber Petting Zoo
There will be an interactive, hands-on opportunity to try out new technology and capabilities at the Cyber Petting Zoo!

Visitor Access to Los Angeles Air Force Base
Those that wish to attend in-person and do not have appropriate LA AFB access credentials (AKA a Common Access Cards (CAC)), will need to submit a visitor request form on or before October 24. To submit a visitor request form, go to the registration page (at the bottom of this page) and select the "Do not have CAC" prompt to complete your registration as an external attendee. 
All questions may be directed to event POC: 1st Lt. Franchette Brosoto:, 310-653-1142 or:

Capture The Flag:
Working as a team or by themselves, participants will get a chance to hack a real satellite payload using a ground simulator. They'll have to solve a series of challenges both on a simulated ground system and an engineering model of a payload now flying on Aerospace's Slingshot spacecraft. Along the way, they'll have a chance to learn about the intersection of space and cyber, and how we can defend our space systems against cyber attacks. 

Continuous Learning Points (CSPs):
Each day of the cyber expo will be worth 5 CLPs for a total of 10 CLPs
MUST register on AcqNow between Nov 1 - Nov 8 to get CLPs (instructions
Attendance MUST be verified in order to qualify for CLPs (if attending
in-person, check-in at the welcome desk).
1. Sign in to ACQ Now at: (NOTE:  You must
have a complete profile in ACQ Now to apply for CL Events; please ensure you
have listed your supervisor on your profile before you attempt to apply)
2. Select 'My Career'
3. Select 'Search for CL Events' located under the Training Events Group
4. Click on 'Search Catalogs' button (upper right-hand corner of page)
5. Type "SSC Cyber Expo" in the Event Name Field..
6. Click on 'Search' button (to the far-right of Event Name Field)
7. Click on 'View Scheduled' offerings button. You will see three offerings
displayed. One for the duration of two days (Nov 9 - 10), one for just Nov
9, and one for just Nov 10. 
8. Click on 'Apply' button (open Nov 1)
9. Click on 'Submit' Request. This will complete the application process and
you will be automatically enrolled.  After you apply you will receive a
system-generated email confirming your reservation.