COMMON Europe Power Summer Camp 2021


Common Europe's Power Summer Camp offers you three days of distance learning with IBM, industry experts and partners – all from the comfort of your own home, office…or even caravan.
What’s on and when?
  • iTent – Monday 14 June, 14:00-18:15 CEST – a practical education day featuring 50 minute sessions in 4 streams ending with i Tent chats;
  • Partners’ Lounge –  Tuesday 15 June, 14:30-18:15 CEST – 25-minute sessions with our Solutions Providers’ education or success stories, ending with Partners’ chats;
  • Power Talks – Thursday 17 June, 14:30-18:15 CEST –  substantial and sincere messages in 2 streams from IBM and industry stalwarts on a topic of their choice unknown to the audience, ending with a Closing Jamboree.
Education areas targeted are – AI‎, ACS‎, AIX‎, Application Development‎, Cloud Computing for i‎, Db2‎, Deep Learning‎, High Availability‎, Infrastructure‎, Linux‎, Microservices‎, Open source languages‎, Open source tools‎, RDi‎, Security‎, SQL‎, Storage‎, System management‎, end of the stream Q&As, culminating in an Ask the Experts session and Common Europe Congress 2021 announcement.