Hybrid Events - Things You Didn't Know You Needed To Know 

Webinar - 9/9/2021 1:00:00 PM Eastern

Hybrid Events: Things You Didn't Know That You Needed To Know

Hybrid events are a key planning point for the future as event planners look to safeguard events, grow revenue opportunities and provide options to attendees. 

It's important to have a hybrid plan both to allow for world events that may impact your in-person event, and to help attendees with life-happenings that still want to be involved with your community.  What's more, attendees will be looking for options for events, and protections for their events.

It's critical to architect a hybrid event plan that adds value to your in-person events, both for attendees and for exhibitors, without cannibilizing either your online or offline events.

In this webinar we'll be presenting considerations, how-to information, planning information and thoughts about best practices for hybrid events.  We'll talk about options you can deploy that can add new revenue streams, rather than competing with your own events, to address your audiences, community and stakeholders.


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1:00 PM

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Hybrid Events: Integrating online and offline events

Stephen  Wynkoop


Session Abstract:

Learn about hybrid events, how to make sure your online and offline events don't cannibilize each other, while still maintaining options for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.  We'll look into food for thought, different approaches, what different terms mean, and the implications of different options when it comes to insulating revenues, creating meaningful options for attendees and for safeguarding your events against unknowns.