is proud to announce and host the

2020 SMC Virtual Cyber Expo

Centered on Cyber Resiliency!

Come join and listen to the thoughts and experiences from our Keynotes,

Mr. Joseph Bradley,
Director of Cyber Resiliency Office for Weapons Systems (CROWS)
Mr Daniel Holtzman,
HQE - AF Cyber Technical Director & AF Authorizing Official


We'll also be hosting experienced panelists from U.S. government (civilian and military), undustry, and commercial sectors and conducting discussions about maximizing collaboration capabilities, the dark web, utilizing the ever-growing field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and getting insights from the Hack-A-Sat event that completed a few weeks ago!  During the discussions, you can utilize the integrated chat capability that can host near-real-time questions and answers. 

We look forward to seeing you there!



Agenda for Virtual SMC Cyber Expo
October 13, 2020: 0800-1500 PDT
Unclassified event

Last update 16 September, 2020

There will be live question and answer capability during the presentations.
This event will focus on cyber resilience to protect our current and future space systems and acquisitions.



Event Start
0800  - 0810
(10 mins)
Welcome remarks by SMC Leadership
0810 - 0855
(45 mins)
Shared Keynote
Cyber Resiliency Office for Weapon Systems (CROWS) Overview
How to bake cyber into acquisitions community DNA?
Authorization Aspects - Fast track, agile authorizations, risk management, cloud advancements and how it all applies to space?
Mr. Joseph Bradley, CROWS Director
Mr. Daniel Holtzman, AO & former CROWS Cyber Technical Director
0900 - 1400
(5 hours)
Capture the Flag Contest- runs concurrently with Expo
*Drop in and test your cyber-attack and defend skills
*Separate virtual network environment
0900 - 1000
(60 mins)
Panel Topic: Collaboration for resilience in space, cyber, and acquisitions
*Moderator: Ty Berthiaume, SMC
*Ron Carpinella, Ionic Security
*Sandy Finan (Ret. Major General), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
*Erin Miller, Space Information Sharing Analysis Center
1000 - 1015
(15 mins)
Networking & Break Time
1015 - 1115
(60 mins)
Topic: The dark web, everything you didn’t think to know about the dark side
Briefer: Mr. Curtis West, PNNL
1115 - 1215
(60 mins)
Panel Topic: Assessing vulnerabilities of space cyber systems
*Moderator: David Goldberg, Gartner
*Penny McKenzie, PNNL
*Miles Zwicky, Parsons
Austin Gardner, Parsons
1215 - 1300
(45 mins)
Lunch break & Vendor Expo
1300 - 1400
(60 mins)
Panel Topic: How machine learning and artificial intelligence can be utilized for cyber security
*Moderator: Lt Col Michael Chiaramonte, US Air Force Academy (USAFA)
*Dr. Glenn Fink, PNNL
*Col Dave Caswell, USAFA
1400 - 1445
(45 mins)
Topic: Hack-A-Sat - debrief on Air Force and Defense Digital Service co-sponsored Hack-a-Sat event (
Briefer: Capt Alexandra Preiss, SMC/ECXCOC; Capt Aaron Bolen, SMC/DirSP
1450 - 1500
(10 mins)
Closing Remarks by SMC Leadership
(and Capture the Flag Contest Winner Announcement)
Event End

Content distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors for educational and situational purposes only and should not be used or consumed as mission or operational statements or visions of fact unless further validated by information owners as of 13 Oct 2020. 
Other requests for this document shall be referred to SMC/ECC, POC Mr. Lucky Nguyen.  Email  Comm 310-653-0785.  DSN 633-0785.


Capture The Flag:

If you like showing off your cyber skills and/or gaining new cyber skills, come try your cyber skills in a variety of online challenges with topics (with special space and missile themes) like:
Network Forensics
Algorithm Programming
Code Analysis
Penetration Testing
Malware Analysis
Reverse Engineering
Lots of fun will be had, as well as lots of learning - they'll be something for everyone (beginners or veterans)!  All you need is a computer with a web browser to get started, though the ability to download and install tools like Wireshark is useful too. 

*Congratulations to Mr. Brent Frye on winning the 2020 SMC Virtual Cyber Expo Capture The Flag Event!

Please provide your desired username and your email address in the registration form and we’ll email you all the information you will need to join! The URL for logging in to the CTF is: You can use this link to join the Capture the Flag event at 0900 PDT on Tuesday, October 13.  



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