Education Abroad in Europe: All Voices at the Table
November 10, 2020
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. EST / UTC−05:00

During the pandemic, study abroad administrators on both sides of the Atlantic have become keenly aware of the necessity for collaboration and strengthening relationships as the way to build a strong future for education abroad in Europe. Acknowledging the best practices that emerged last spring, we now turn our vision toward the future. We will focus on the opportunity and the imperative to work and plan collaboratively, with all voices at the table.

Resident Directors in Europe often feel they are "out of sight - out of mind" when it comes to decision making regarding Study Abroad. How did this evolve and why did the current crisis accentuate the geographical and hierarchical distance already felt? How can we improve meaningful communication especially in moments of crisis, thus fostering greater inclusion in the relevant discussions?

We encourage colleagues in the US and Europe to come together to work hand in hand and foster even greater trans-Atlantic cooperation. Join us to discuss how we can leverage strong alliances to send a unified message for change, creating a collaborative path forward.

The Critical Dialogue will be facilitated by three European Resident Directors and one American Study Abroad administrator, and will solicit ample participation from the participants in this community-wide dialogue on these urgent topics.