Join the Virtual Summit on Responsible Innovation for Smart Homes and Smart Health and connect with a community of high-level experts on June 11-12, 2019 – from the convenience of your desk.

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Digitalization, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence hold the potential to create new business opportunities while helping to address the grand challenges Europe is facing today.

The Virtual Summit on Responsible Innovation for Smart Homes and Smart Health explores how this immense potential can be navigated in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable manner.


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Six Reasons to Join the Virtual Summit


1) More than 50 confirmed high-level speakers

2) Six tracks full of inspiration and discussions

3) Hundreds of participants from around the world

4) Virtual exhibition of successful projects and tools

5) Video competition with attractive prizes

6) No travel, low environmental impacts

Who we are

LIVING INNOVATION is the first industry driven initiative on responsible innovation funded by the European Union.

It was started by 14 partners from industry, civil society and research and involves major companies of the ICT and the health care sector.

We co-create the way we will live in 2030 - combining creativity and business acumen, human-centered design and responsibility.

Visit us at www.living-innovation.net!



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