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About CEwire2018

CEwire2018 is the virtual CE conference by ODwire.org, the largest online community for ECPs.

With up to 50 COPE-approved CE hours online from leading speakers on a variety of clinical and practice management topics, at a ground-breaking price of $179, this is one event you won't want to miss.

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Profits from the event are being shared with leading eye care charities:
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Registration: $179  for all 50 hours of COPE-approved CE, and access to the exhibit hall with exclusive discounts. 

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Participant Comments from past CEwire Events:

"Really terrific, got more out of this CE than any in some time. Please keep this up!!"

"... one of the best CE events I have ever attended (and I've been attending 'em since 1981!)"

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this format and wish the talks were accessible even longer. I did not need the CE credits this cycle but I love learning and this allowed me to gain knowledge at my own availability (hopefully making me a better doctor)"

"Excellent way to do CE. More effective than lectures as well."

"Overall, very good way to finish most of my CE requirements for the year. Thank you! Will definitely recommend to other colleagues."

"Great job guys, informative and info I have not found elsewhere."

"I learned more from online classes than live classes. I can pause, rewind, look up topics to reference the lecture, etc."

"Great service to the optometric community! Thank you!"

"Great format, excellent price Glad to help charities"

"Love it even more than attending in person. Can watch over and over again the good ones. Thank you"

"It was a remarkable experience. Keep up the good work !"

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Macular Pigment Supplementation: A prescription for vision and cognitive health

John Nolan, PhD
In this course, you will learn about the macular carotenoids, how they are sourced, how they are optimized in the eye, how they are optimized in the brain, and what this means for visual function, visual health and cognitive function. This information will play an important role in eye care when helping patients enhance the health and quality of their vision.

Anterior Segment Disease and the Systemic Link

Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO
As optometry’s role in health care increases, so does our responsibility to appropriately diagnose and appropriately educate them on the systemic link. This course will address three critical anterior segment findings along with their association with systemic conditions and appropriate action plans for the progressive optometrist.

Myopia Control

Jeffrey J. Walline, OD, PhD
The prevalence of myopia is on the rise, and we must do something to reduce the potentially sight-threatening side effects of myopia. This lecture will discuss ineffective means of myopia control so optometrists know what NOT to implement, as well as provide information about how to use the most successful methods of myopia control, including soft multifocal contact lenses, orthokeratology contact lenses, and atropine eye drops. We will discuss the mechanism of how they may work, how to optimize myopia control, and how to manage these treatments. In the end, optometrists will be more capable of educated discussions of myopia control with parents and feel more confident in providing myopia control treatments.

The Four Pillars Of Compliance

John Rumpakis, OD, MBA
The legalities of creating and maintaining a medical record are a complex mix of regulations, contractual requirements, and ethical obligations. Many may not understand that there are specific laws that govern how a medical record is created and maintained, and penalties associated with violations can be as significant as imprisonment and loss of license to practice. Understanding the areas of greatest vulnerability in creating the medical record and how to create and maintain one properly is essential to clinical practice today.

The Contact Lens Trilogy-Specialty Areas to Boost Your Contact Lens practice

S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO
Differentiation is the key to practice survival! This course will review 3 key areas of specialty contact lens practice that will re-energize and differentiate not only your contact lens practice, but your entire practice.

We will review: Myopia Progression Management with contact lenses +. , Management of the Irregular Cornea with contact lenses and Management of Presbyopia with contact lenses.

If you feel that your practice is stagnant and that contact lenses are nothing more than a commodity then attend this course and get excited again!

The Best of Intriguing, Important, Interesting and Educational Cases Over 5 Decades

Jerome Sherman, OD, FAAO
The memorable cases include bizarre presentations such as an eye with 2 discs, heart shaped retinal tears, dramatic cases invisible to ophthalmoscopy, ICE presenting as cat’s eye pupil, brain tumors diagnosed as amblyopia, artifacts resulting in misdiagnosis, a not-so-simple red eye leading to blindness and many more.

How good is LASIK: The Myths, Misconceptions and Reality

Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD
LASIK has been a tremendous asset for patients for over 20 years by improving the vision of millions of people, including first responders and members of the military. However, there are common myths and misconceptions about LASIK including the notion that contact lenses are safer than LASIK, that LASIK increases the risk for glare and halos, LASIK has not improved over time, eye doctors would not have LASIK, and that dry eye is common after the procedure. The purpose of this lecture will be to present an evidenced based presentation on the risks and benefits of modern LASIK as well as the recent improvements and technologies on the horizon.


Richard S Witlin MD, FACS
Premium IOLs represent an exciting option for visual rehabilitation following cataract surgery. It is critical for the co-managing doctor to understand the issues associated with this technology. Areas to be covered will include: proper patient selection, pros and cons of each currently available advanced-technology will be discussed, special considerations (such as post-refractive patients) will be presented, and management of post-operative complaints and issues to be discussed.

Ocular Surface Disease: Demystifying the Diagnosis

Crystal M. Brimer, OD
Every day patients with ocular surface issues enter our exam room, with and without symptoms. Learn how to implement easy, yet compelling, screening techniques that create an opportunity to practice preventative care instead of reactive care. Discover diagnostic tips and tools to scientifically pinpoint the underlying etiology of your patient’s dry eye symptoms and prepare you to couple them with proven, diagnostic based treatments for predictable results. Without a formula, the success of ocular surface treatments can be hit or miss, but utilizing such a systemic approach creates outcome predictability and clinical confidence.

OMG Grandpa, is that an STD in your eye?

Agustin Gonzalez, OD, FAAO
From HIV to syphilis, seniors are contracting STDs at an alarming rate. Potent little pills "coupled" (pun intended) with estrogen and progesterone creams, no pregnancy concerns and active senior communities adds up to a whole lot of "senior spring break" fun BUT with lots of sex comes the possibility of lots of STDs. This sex case-based lecture will cover all you wanted to know about sex, and would never ask grandma! Wink!


Dr. Graham Lakkis
Although significant developments have occurred in the structural analysis of glaucomatous optic neuropathy using OCT scans, research into functional visual field testing continues with the development of new techniques and refinements of existing strategies to maximise efficiency of testing and accuracy of progression analysis. Practical guidance will be given that can be applied during encounters with glaucoma patients.

The Zen of Dry Eye Mastery: A Simple System for Clinical and Practice Success

Arthur B. Epstein, OD, FAAO
Our understanding of the ocular surface has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Growing interest in dry eye and tear dysfunction has increased interest in this practice segment. We present an evidence-based approach with extensive clinical examples, to integrate novel concepts into a unified perspective of the ocular surface environment with direct practical and clinical diagnostic and therapeutic application. We then explore the practical considerations of successfully incorporating care for this patient population in need within the contemporary eyecare practice.

Chronic Dry Eye Disease: 80s Dance Party Style

Laura Periman, MD
Review the latest concepts and organizational constructs to enhance your understanding of CDED. Easy summaries and fun analogies will be used to condense the best recent literature into a ready-to-use form.


Dr. Graham Lakkis
Traditional glaucoma education tends to focus on the details of the disease such as primary and secondary glaucomas, diagnostic testing and drug treatment etc. This lecture will take the participant through the patient’s journey with glaucoma, through different stages of the disease and irrespective of the type of glaucoma. This course is particularly suited to practitioners who are not currently managing their own glaucoma patients.

Systemic Disease and the Retinal Vasculature

Richard Zimbalist, OD, FAAO
This course will discuss the pathophysiology, clinical characteristics, and the systemic associations of various retinal and systemic vascular disease. The course will help optometrists identify the retinal features of common vascular conditions. The course will also present several uncommon conditions and discuss differential diagnoses.

The Continuum of Care of Keratoconus

Jeffrey Sonsino, O.D., FAAO
Care for the keratoconic patient has evolved incredibly rapidly over the past 10 years. With vastly more options for spectacles, contact lenses, and surgery, many practitioners are finding themselves puzzled over which strategies to employ at which stage of disease. The author first presents a literature-supported and clinically-based staging classification. Then, spectacle, contact lens, and surgical considerations for each stage are discussed with case-based examples. Following this discussion, attendees should understand a clear model for providing state of the art care to their keratoconic patients.

Essentials of Orthokeratology

Matthew Lampa, OD, FAAO
With the recent interest and developments in myopia in the ophthalmic research community there is a resurgence in the clinical ophthalmic community in the area of orthokeratology. This course will describe a novel, step-by-step approach to fitting orthokeratology lenses in clinical practice.

Using Body Weight to Manage the “at risk” patient for Type 2 Diabetes

Richard Hom, OD, MPA
This course introduces the concept of using a single parameter as a proxy that can be manipulated to reduce the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes. This creates a potential role for optometry in collaborating with primary care medicine in lifestyle coaching in prediabetic and diabetic self-management and education.

Contact Lens Management of the Challenging Patient

Matthew Lampa, OD, FAAO
This course will take a systematic approach to managing unique ammetropia’s, certain disease states and post-surgical outcomes with contact lenses for successful visual and physiologic result. Cases histories will be presented that demonstrate the use and integration of contact lenses in management of the patient.

Just When You Thought You Were Sure of the Diagnosis

Mark Friedberg, MD
We see some ocular disorders on a regular basis and can often diagnose the problem in a matter of seconds. On rare occassions, a more serious disorder will masquerade as the more commonplace condition and fool some of us as to the true cause. This course will help keep the eye care provider mlndful of some of the more serious disorders and aid in distinguishing the benign from the more treacherous.

Pupil Testing: Back to the Basics

Tamara V. Petrosyan, OD
Pupil testing is One of few objective reflexes that detect and quantify abnormalities of the retina, optic nerve, optic chiasm, optic tract, midbrain, and/or peripheral nerves. This course will review the anatomy, physiology, and testing of pupillary function as well as how to interpret different pupillary defects.

Don’t Let Mange Dog You (or Your Patients)

Katherine M. Mastrota, MS, OD, FAAO
Mange is a class of skin diseases caused by parasitic mites.

Mites that cause mange in mammals either embed themselves into the skin or the hair the follicles of the host, depending upon their genus. Sarcoptes spp. burrow into skin, while Demodex spp. live in follicles. In humans, these two types of mite infections , which would otherwise be known as "mange" in furry mammals, are instead known respectively as scabies and demodicosis.

What role does Demodex play in eyelid (blepharitis) and ocular surface disease? How can we identify and manage demodex overpopulation?

Learn what we know about these tiny critters in this one hour course.

Turning Denials into Dollars

Shane Shepherd
This course is designed to educate Optometrists about the process of identifying, correcting, and reducing denied medical claims. This presentation will be geared toward denials from the OD’s perspective.

Evaluation of the Autistic Patient

Tamara V. Petrosyan, OD
This course will review the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and perform an overview of testing procedures for examining pediatric patients with ASD.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Update

Joseph  Pizzimenti, OD
A growing body of evidence suggests that both genetic and nutritional factors contribute to the development and progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). To some extent, AMD prevention and management may be nutrition-responsive. This course discusses the epidemiology, risk factors, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of AMD with an emphasis on clinical application of new knowledge. Case examples are used to illustrate clinical applications.

Artificial “Tears” Intelligence: Finding the Right Chemistry

Susan Resnick, OD, FAAO, FSLS
Artificial tears and ocular surface lubricating agents comprise a large segment of the ophthalmic over the counter market. Understanding the components of available products will aid practitioners in choosing the most effective therapeutic regimen. This course will give a detailed overview of the chemical and physical properties of the most commonly prescribed artificial tears and a rationale for clinical application.

Ordering Blood Work: Back to the Basics

Tamara V. Petrosyan, OD
Medical laboratory testing is an important tool in preventing, diagnosing, and managing systemic as well as ocular disease. As primary eye care providers, it is important for optometrists to feel confident in utilizing this tool and be able to order, analyze, and communicate the information to the patient’s multidisciplinary healthcare team.

Gas Permeable, Hybrid, and Scleral Multifocal Fitting and Problem-Solving

Stephanie L. Woo, OD, FAAO, FSLS
Edward S. Bennett, OD, MSEd, FAAO, FSLS
The presbyopic population is increasing each year, and many patients desire to see clearly without glasses. This course reviews the fitting techniques and strategies for gas permeable (GP) multifocals, hybrid multifocals, and scleral multifocals. Aspheric, concentric, and translating designs arediscussed. Contact lens fitting of corneal GP multifocals are reviewed in detail, including contact lens fitting evaluation. Hybrid multifocal lens design and fitting characteristics are discussed. Scleral multifocal design options are reviewed. Troubleshooting of each lens design is adddressed. Learn how gas permeable lens designs can help your patient achieve great vision at all distances!

The 5 Best Business Lessons

Jay Binkowitz
All too often we spend a lot of time on initiatives that have very little benefit to our overall business goals. This course will assess the strategic and organizational thought processes necessary to get the most out of your efforts by concentrating on those initiatives that will bring you the best results. We all know it is better to succeed at less than to fail at more so let's grab the low hanging fruit from within. This course will take a close look at those areas of your business that are most important to embrace to come.

New Advances in Pharmacology in Eye Care

Steve Silberberg, OD
A summary of new drugs and treatments recently approached or in the final pipeline affecting the practicing Optometrist. This course will also include mechanism of actions as well as potential uses in Optometry. The course will not be limited to Ophthalmic drugs but include Systemic drugs in related fields such as Diabetes and Herpes Zoster. The new vaccine for Herpes Zoster will also be introduced and what the Optometrist’s role is in giving advice to patients on systemic disease and coordinating care with Primary Care physicians

Interpretation of Lab Values Used in Clinical Practice a combined prospective from an Optometrist and Cardiologist

Kerry Gelb, OD
Jeffrey Gold DO,FACC
To review commonly ordered labs; interpretation of results; evaluation of case histories as it applies to lab values and clinical conditions seen in an optometric office.

DEWSII in Clinical Practice

Whitney Hauser, OD
Dry eye as been redefined by the recently publish Dry Eye Workshop (DEWSII) report, but what does that mean to clinical practice? This course breaks down the report and presents the information it contains in a clinically relevant manner. Pearls for practice are highlighted as well as how to utilize innovative diagnostic and therapeutic equipment within your dry eye pracfice.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Muscle Anomalies

Jeffrey S. Cooper, OD, MS, FAAO
This course will provide the PCP with the skills to diagnosis common accommodative/vergence anomalies both functional and pathological,e.g. myasthenia, thyroid, diabetes, 3rd, 4th, and 6th, etc. Optometric treatment including lens prescription, prism, vision therapy, surgery will discussed. In addition, management with primary care doctors, neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists will be discussed

Essential Clinical Record Keeping in Medical Optometry

Craig S. Steinberg, OD, JD
At the heart of all good clinical care are good medical records. This course will survey and describe essential record keeping skills and expectations for a variety of common optometric tests and procedures to ensure that your patients are receiving the level of care they expect, and that your records will survive scrutiny, and even impress, if you are audited, sued, or subject to review by your State Board.

Multi-Spectral Retinal Imaging: Risk Management through Early Detection

Craig Thomas, OD
You will learn about the clinical indications and clinical applications of multi-spectral retinal imaging. Emphasis is placed on the early diagnosis of insulin resistance, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and choroidal nevi.

Contemporary Keratoconus Treatment Strategies

Clark Chang, OD, MSA, MSc, FAAO
Keratoconus (KCN) carries devastating visual consequences. Therefore, it is imperative for optometrists to assist patients in navigating through new treatment recommendations to maximize clinical outcome. This course will discuss the most current KCN management paradigm including disease stabilization and other adjunctive treatment technologies.

New Frontiers in the Detection & Management of Diabetic Retinopathy

A. Paul Chous, MA, OD, FAAO, CDE
Craig Thomas, OD
This course will consider both the vascular and neurodegenerative components of diabetic retinopathy. Technologies applicable to early detection of both will be considered, along with specific strategies designed to prevent or mitigate each.


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