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9/28/2020 10:30 AM -to- 11:30 AM Welcome Keynote Address
Ed Boclair - QAD, Inc.
Were you prepared for the change and will you be prepared for the next change?  We are seeing first hand how disruption and world events can change priorities, people, supply chain, and our company overnight.  Be prepared with your "NEXT" before the next big event. 
Welcome Keynote
9/28/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM Success Story: GHSP Upgrade to Enterprise Edition: US & Mexico
Tim McGhee - Logan Consulting
Daine Shanahan - GHSP
GHSP recently completed a rollout of QAD’s 2017 Enterprise Edition application for its US and Mexico manufacturing facilities, to replace its legacy QAD ERP systems EB2.0 and EB2.1. GHSP decided to take a hybrid approach to implementation, leveraging both the Logan Consulting implementation methodology and a strong internal consulting team. This project was truly a team effort, where Logan Consulting supported the fulltime internal consulting team, with part-time Project Management assistance and Subject Matter expertise. This session will review the approach, challenges, results and lessons learned.
Track #1
9/28/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM How Excel Industries Utilizes Progress MDBA
Mike Furgal - Progress
Gyles Garber - Excel Industries
Do you know how to anticipate database issues from disrupting your business? Excel Industries excels in DBA administration by leveraging the expertise of the Progress Managed Database Service. From day-to-day operational monitoring to QAD maintenance or project work, come see how Excel Industries uses Progress to keep their system proactively running with superior performance and availability.
Track #2
9/28/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM Operational Restart Readiness Lessons Learned in the Automotive Industry
Cathy Fisher - Quistem, LLC
Terry Onica - QAD, Inc.
Many changes occurred in organizations as a result of COVID-19  from the shop floor to the C-suite. Join Cathy and Terry as they share lessons learned from 30 interviews with OEMs, Suppliers, Industry Partners and Colleagues which included the top 5 operational challenges, 7 valuable lessons learned and 3 most innovative best practices.
Track #3
9/28/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM This is How You Do It: Successful Upgrade and Move to the QAD Cloud
Ray Greenwood - Strategic Information Group
Isaac Stockwell - Outset Medical
Learn why Outset Medical decided to upgrade to QAD 2019 EE and move to the QAD Cloud, how they went about upgrading and moving to the QAD Cloud and the benefits they realized.
Track #1
9/28/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM New Hardware = Worse Performance?
Nectar Daloglou - OmegaServe
You’ve migrated to bigger, stronger, faster, and more expensive hardware but your QAD environment is running slower. How’s that even possible? In this session, we will look at some real-life case scenarios where performance results were actually worse on the new machine than the older one, how we tested and what corrections were needed in order to achieve better performance. Also, things to look out for when purchasing new hardware or migrating to the Cloud.
Track #2
9/28/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM Scheduled Order Management in QAD Adaptive UX
Kelly Andrews - QAD, Inc.
Marta Losada - QAD, Inc.
Scheduled Order Management or Release Management has its roots in practices developed by the automotive industry to support just-in-time manufacturing. Although it originated in the automotive industry, principles of Scheduled Order Management are being applied by companies in other industries such as electronics and consumer goods. During this presentation and demo, we will highlight the usability improvements in the Adaptive User Experience and exception visibility in Customer and Supplier Scheduled Orders. 
Track #3
9/28/2020 3:30 PM -to- 4:30 PM QAD YAB Overview
James Blankenship - Logan Consulting
This session will focus on the basics of how to use QAD’s Your Application Builder (YAB) tool. YAB is used to administer QAD Enterprise Edition releases starting with QAD Enterprise Edition 2016EE and is the replacement for the QDT tool. We will review how to customize YAB for your environment and review how using YAB and provide a consistent repeatable method of installing and configure QAD.
Track #2
9/28/2020 3:30 PM -to- 4:30 PM Customer Satisfaction: What to Measure and How to Improve
Nicole Parker - QAD, Inc.
Understand KPI’s for Customer Satisfaction and how an organization can leverage its QMS to address failures and opportunities for improvement.
Track #3
9/29/2020 10:30 AM -to- 11:30 AM QAD EE Implementation at NN Aerospace & Defense
Tim Lovely - Logan Consulting
Scott Finkhouse - NN, Inc.
NN, Inc.’s Aerospace and Defense Solutions completed a rollout of QAD’s Enterprise Edition application for three US manufacturing facilities, to replace legacy ERP systems (Global Shop, Vantage and QuickBooks). NN was responsible for this project and decided to take a hybrid approach to implementation, leveraging both the Logan Consulting implementation methodology and a strong internal consulting team. This session will review the approach, challenges, results and lessons learned.
Track #1
9/29/2020 10:30 AM -to- 11:30 AM Web Content Management is a Perfect Complement to Your ERP
Alex Oliveri - Progress
A well designed WCMS can orchestrate data across your enterprise including: Purchase requisition, eCommerce, Application Integration, Business Intelligence, Reporting and much more. See a demonstration of how Progress Sitefinity is used by Progress, to transform the way we processes data across multiple platforms including QAD EE.
Track #2
9/29/2020 10:30 AM -to- 11:30 AM QAD Production Execution - Digital Transformation via IT / OT Convergence
Glenn Graney - QAD, Inc.
Traditionally ERP is deployed via a central IT approach while operations are maintained at the individual site or plant level. QAD Production Execution provides a *digital transformation *via operational extensions of ERP that enable the adaptable manufacturing enterprise through organization collaboration.
Track #3
9/29/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM Exceptional Change Management
John Polich - Logan Consulting
Why is it so rare for organizations to invest in change management at the same level of business transformation initiatives?  Beyond the simple words and typical actions in most projects, there are organizations that set themselves apart by raising the level of change engagement.  When the focus, time and resources are elevated to leading change, the returns on investment are shorter with positive impacts to operations and customers.  Take some time to understand what sets these organization apart, so your organization can experience the benefits of exceptional change management.
Track #1
9/29/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM Getting Started With QAD Operational Metrics
Carlos Colmenares - Sungate Solutions
You can’t manage what you can’t measure.  Operational Metrics is QAD functionality that allows you to define and share metrics that are important to your business. This presentation will walk you through the basics of setting up, implementing and using Operational Metrics.
Track #2
9/29/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM MRP: How To Make It Fail
Don Lindsey - 32 Soft Inc.
MRP is a powerful planning system for manufacturing enterprises, but it doesn’t always live up to its promise to make plans that work for manufacturing. Why? We’ll take a look at the pitfalls from inadequate planning data and order dates, to incorrect transaction processing and setup of modules.  And, we’ll discuss the basic needs of a well-run MRP process and show you how to avoid inaccurate information in PO’s, Work Orders and Sales Orders and demonstrate how to correctly set up everything from part numbers to BOMs and date issues so you can make MRP succeed.
Track #3
9/29/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM Enable Your Team With Daily Financial Reporting & Eliminate Static Spreadsheets
Kristin Valentyn - Phocas Software
John Sefton - Phocas Software
Walter Little - Bioness
Timely, accurate and accessible financial reporting is here. Find out how you can unshackle your finance teams from the grind of static reporting, liberate the numbers that make your business tick and help your business thrive with proactive attention on revenue, expenses and financial KPIs. Let’s explore the value of financial reporting for QAD users that allow you to design, drill down and analyze the data you need to.
In this session, you’ll see advanced financial statements, hear from QAD user Bioness and learn: 
  • why it’s urgent to advance from static spreadsheet reporting?? 
  • automated consolidation and presentation of month-end reports? 
  • ways to empower managers with information they need to perform? 
  • a centralized source of timely and accurate financial data? 
  • how to do so much more than analyze AR/AP and ledger data?
Track #1
9/29/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM Capabilities of Dell Boomi in QAD Integrations
Gary Yang - Roundview Technologies
Soumak Dutta - CoorsTek
In this session we will discuss how Dell Boomi Integrate and Roundview Integration Portal have become the tool for all integrations into QAD at CoorsTek. We will discuss the process/route that CoorsTek went through to learn, utilize, and develop using Boomi Integrate. We will cover the capabilities of Boomi Integrate that have been leveraged by CoorsTek and discuss all the myriad of integrations that have been done utilizing this tool in 2019. We will end this session with a Live Demo where we will create a HTTP Post webservice into QAD through Boomi Integrate to create Generalized Code records in CoorsTek 2008 SE environment.
Track #2
9/29/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM Don't Be a Hacker's Low Hanging Fruit: Common ERP Security Gaps
Michael Solomon -  Solomon Consulting Inc.
Hackers constantly search for easy targets. ERP systems often manage valuable private data that is only protected by weak controls. Expanding complexity, growing numbers of users and partners, and rapidly emerging exploits make security an elusive target. In this session you'll learn about the most common security gaps found in ERP systems, why those gaps really matter, and how to close them to make your ERP system less likely to be the next big victim. 
Track #3
9/29/2020 3:30 PM -to- 4:30 PM How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey Using QAD Manufacturing
Brent Shooltz - QAD, Inc.
Are your manufacturing operations up to the challenge? Day-to-day production is challenged with the need to improve overall equipment effectiveness, increase manufacturing flexibility, capture massive amounts of data and communicate in a new digital world. Where are you in this journey? In this session, we'll explore how the latest evolutions in QAD Manufacturing support your successful transformation. You'll see how you can improve your operational performance and gain manufacturing flexibility with the latest QAD manufacturing solutions.
Track #1
9/29/2020 3:30 PM -to- 4:30 PM How SIG’s Managed Services Can Help You Mitigate Risk and Downtime
John Schmidt - Strategic Information Group
Jagadish Perumal - SI-Bone Inc.
In this session you will learn how a Managed Services team can take care of essential QAD infrastructure, application, system processes, and database performance and stability, allowing your team to focus on tackling today’s business world to stay competitive and thrive.
Track #2
9/29/2020 3:30 PM -to- 4:30 PM AP Automation and Integration With QAD SE & EE
Naresh Babu - Arista Consulting
Dave Keeney - Kronos Foods
Timely Supplier Invoices processing is crucial for business continuity. It is manual and time consuming. Kronos has been able to automate the whole workflow process including integration to QAD EE. This case study session will show how was it possible and how it could be implemented for any QAD user.
Track #3
9/30/2020 10:30 AM -to- 11:30 AM Increase Financial Management Efficiency with Enterprise Banking Solutions for QAD
Ron Racine - Strategic Information Group
Find out how this set of streamlined industry leading banking processes can help financial teams gain efficiencies and improve accuracy with Strategic’s Enterprise Banking Solutions (EBS).   EBS automates the creation of the bank files and the transfer of files to your bank. Through a series of integrated electronic processes, EBS simplifies and automates both common and more complicated banking transactions such as ACH, AP Check Point, Direct Debit, Wire Transfer, and more.  See demonstrations and hear real-world examples of how this solution can extend and enhance your ERP financial operations and increase their value to your bottom line.
Track #1
9/30/2020 10:30 AM -to- 11:30 AM Optimize Your QAD Database Performance with Pro2 Archive
Mike Furgal - Progress
The ultimate solution, for managing your growing QAD database (On-premise, or Cloud). Come learn how to keep historical data available in real-time outside of your QAD production database, drastically improving performance, accessibility, and reporting capabilities.
Track #2
9/30/2020 10:30 AM -to- 11:30 AM Helping Manufacturers Navigate the E-Commerce Experience
Joel Schneider - Liberty Technology Advisors
Learn how manufacturers can navigate the E-commerce space to sell direct to consumers while maintaining and not intruding on existing customer base (i.e. dealer networks, big box stores, etc.). Joel Schneider, President of LTA, will put his points into perspective using real world examples where his company has helped with the successful implementation of such platforms. Additionally Joel will discuss some common pitfalls to avoid and the impact adding an E-commerce platform can have on your business.
Track #3
9/30/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM Case Study: ‘Data-Driven’ Approval Routing - Processing QAD MRP Planned Orders & MRO PO Requisitions
Andrew Weinstein - ISS Group
Lori Braun - ISS Group
This presentation will provide an overview of the ISS Group ‘Data-Driven’ Approval Routing technology being used by Modular Assembly Innovations (MAI) to process both QAD MRP Planned Orders and MRO PO Requisitions, and the benefits/return on investment MAI has generated since implementing the ISSG iPurchase™ Solution in early 2019. The presentation will also include a demonstration of the iPurchase™ MRP Action Center being used by MAI.
Track #1
9/30/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM Cyberquery Financial Reporting and a new Operational Analytics Data Mart Suite for QAD
Tom Oldham - Cyberscience
Cyberscience has a new and complete Cyberquery Financial Reporting solution to produce internal and external Balance Sheets, Income Statements and other required Financial Reports for the General Ledger. In addition,they have developed an intuitive suite of Data Marts for QAD Operational Analytics using new storage technology developed in house for incredibly fast and accurate results.  The new Financial Suite of Data Marts consists of Sales/Invoice Detail, General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Purchase Orders and Accounts Receivable/Credit Management. Reporting in all of these areas is made even easier and can empower more users to produce the reporting and analytics they require without dependence on others. 
Track #2
9/30/2020 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM Learn How QAD Supports Current Revenue Recognition Rules
Minela Covic, CPA - Logan Consulting
The QAD Revenue Recognition module automates many of the standard tasks required to support your financial revenue recognition requirements. This session will provide an overview of current revenue the current GAAP accounting rules associated with Revenue Recognition, the industries most impacted by the GAAP revenue recognition rules, which rules the QAD revenue recognition module supports and a brief demonstration on applying rules in the QAD application.
Track #3
9/30/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM Leveraging ‘Automated Process Analytics’ for Your QAD SE Data
Dane Gardner - Carlisle Brake & Friction
Learn how an Operations Controller transformed Carlisle Brake & Friction (CBF) reporting of QAD SE data, across 5 different databases, into a suite of reports and dashboards for cross-functional users, utilizing Automated Process Analytics. This session will explain how CBF was able to reduce its reliance on excel spreadsheets for reporting its QAD SE data, including examples of scheduled reports and workflows developed to help QAD users across various functional areas, including engineering, finance, operations and sales. This code free solutions allows non-IT users to visualize what they are doing with the data, making them more self-sufficient and less reliant on the IT organization. We will also look at other considerations, such as implementation risks, skillsets needed outside of your IT organization and lessons learned based on our experience. 
Track #1
9/30/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM Chicken Soup For the QAD Soul: Browses
Scott Dulecki - Sungate Solutions
Just like chicken soup was my grandmother’s answer to whatever ailed you, browses can fix just about anything in your QAD world. In this session, Scott is going to show how to build and use browses to address almost everything: finding information in QAD, building workbenches to show related information, creating dashboards to highlight useful information, and more!  And it all starts with a simple browse.
Track #2
9/30/2020 2:00 PM -to- 3:00 PM How Sun-Maid Transformed Their Demand Planning Process to Reduce Noise and Increase Accuracy
Gunnar Shelton - Sun-Maid
Demand shocks, changes in consumer habits and volatile disruptions are challenging global companies to make better and faster decisions with great confidence. In this session Gunnar Shelton from Sun-Maid will share their transformation journey to improve their demand planning process and how they are driving demand forecast accuracy with greater precision using a combination of people, process and technology.    
Track #3
9/30/2020 3:30 PM -to- 4:00 PM Conference Wrap-Up & Prize Giveaways
Join Us for a Conference Wrap Up & Prize Giveaways

Click the Zoom link to join! We’ll have a drawing among the TOP TEN POINT-GETTERS for a pass to next year’s QAD Explore … plus prizes from the user groups. 
Welcome Keynote