DBTechCon - April 20-22, 2011

More than 70 In-depth Sessions on Databases and Database Technologies

From April 20-22, SSWUG.ORG will be hosting the Spring 2011 edition of DBTechCon – the largest virtual conference in the information technology industry.

Attend more than 70 HD sessions taught by Microsoft MVPs, as well as acclaimed authors, bloggers and experts, which are focused on databases and database technologies such as SQL Server, SharePoint, .NET, Business Intelligence, and many others.

Our surveys reveal that 94% of attendees gained knowledge they could immediately use and 99.5% recommend attending SSWUG.ORG’s virtual conferences.

No Travel Costs

Rather than paying for this content and footing additional bills for a hotel, plane flights, expensive restaurants and meals, you can view more than 70 HD sessions from the comfort of your home or office.

By focusing on your career, you can also save yourself from exorbitant costs by attending our virtual conference.

Full, On-Demand Access

Typical industry conferences make it hard to speak with presenters about their subject matter. At DBTechCon, speakers will be involved in interactive and live chat sessions during their presentations to quickly answer questions in real-time.

You can also re-watch all of our HD sessions on-demand for 45 days after the event, as well as view session transcripts and download presentation slides to revisit key portions of information at your convenience.

Alumni, Member and Group Discounts

All full members of SSWUG.ORG will receive a deep discount on registration costs throughout the registration period (Jan. 24 – April 19), which is one of the member benefits offered alongside SSWUG.ORG’s in-depth articles, podcasts and how-to videos on databases and database technologies.

Past attendees of SSWUG’s virtual conferences will be available to receive an alumni discount, starting on Feb. 26. Group registrations are also available to help companies and organizations receive significant cost-savings. To start the group registration process, download our form.



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