Performance Monitoring Essentials

SQL Server is the most widely used language for relational databases and is the platform for business. In this day-long free virtual event, well-known SQL Server performance expert Andrew Kelly will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to stay on top of three essential areas that every good DBA should be aware of to ensure peak performance in his or her SQL Server environments. You will learn some of the most common performance related issues, as well as ways to address and simplify them. Together, these three sessions will give you a solid basis to achieve peak performance in SQL Server.

Sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Simplify data collection and processing using PAL, Relog, and Logman
  • Essentials of I/O relating to SQL Server, including basic Raid Levels, different storage subsystems (SAN vs. DAS vs. NAS), and how SQL Server makes I/O requests
  • Performance-related issues with tempdb

Attendee Interaction:
Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask live questions via our platform's interface, chat with other attendees in the Networking Lounge, and chat directly with sponsors in the Exhibit Hall. Also, visitors who reach a certain points level (determined by activity in the environment, visiting booths, etc.) will have the opportunity to win some great prizes! Please join Andrew Kelly for this free virtual event to get key takeaways that can help you achieve maximum performance in your SQL Server environments!

Giveaways and Interaction

  • Don't forget that during each event we hold giveaways. The point is to encourage you to interact at the event like you would at an in-person event. You will get points for certain activities and at the end of the event those with the most points will be eligible to win certain prizes.

    The more you participate, the more points you earn! It's that simple. You'll earn prize points for each activity you participate in throughout the virtual conference. Points will be calculated at the end of each live event, and the person with the most points will win an iPod Nano! Winners will be notified within one week of the live event date via email.



    Andrew Kelly

    Andrew J. Kelly is a Partner and Mentor with Solid Quality Mentors. He has more than 20 years of experience with relational databases and application ...

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