Training internal and external stakeholders on processes, support issues and overall organizational issues can be a huge undertaking, requiring substantial budgets for travel and large time commitments from executives and managers.

There is an easier way.

The vConferenceOnline platform is perfect for training both large and small audiences. It provides on-demand sessions, allowing people to view the content and sessions at their convenience. The vConferenceOnline platform provides the perfect solution for online training by providing a consistent set of instruction and supporting materials and anytime access to the information for learning, review and further detail.


On-Demand Viewing, DVDs and Monetizing Your Content
Once a session has been broadcast using the vConferenceOnline platform, the session can be made available On-Demand for a specified period of time for attendees to watch at their convenience.

As the online event organizer, you determine the on-demand period, and you can also indicate the number of views per attendee if desired. You also have the option of offering DVDs of the event, and offering video download passes to your attendees. These content monetization options are unique in the industry.

Unlimited Audience Size
When you use the vConferenceOnline platform for your online events you are not limited to a specific audience size. We have full support for 10's or 1000's of simultaneous attendees, with world-wide support for connectivity and performance.

The Session Room - Rich Video Options
Training or speaker sessions can be broadcast either live or through a pre-recorded session with the tools provided by the vConferenceOnline platform and staff of professional producers.

Live, simulated live scheduling, on-demand and even mixing these options are all available. In addition, we can capture sessions remotely, on-location or in-studio in our professional presentation studios.

Extensive Reporting
The Online Event platform provides a number of built-in reports showing attendee activity, progress and event reports. All vConferenceOnline reports can be accessed online through the vConferenceOnline reporting module.

In addition, full booth reporting, attendance reporting and even session polls and quizzes are all available.

Live, Interactive Chat
With the live chat system, you'll be able to chat directly with attendees - you can use the text-based or video-based system, all integrated into your event.

Administrative tools include fully-moderated chat, private chats, whispers and more. You can also use emoticons and access full chat logs for exhibitors, sessions or the entire event.

Event Email Blasts
The vConferenceOnline platform comes with a completely integrated email module that allows you to create a complete email campaign, customized to your company, your needs and your message.

We'll help you create emails that help your attendees know what to expect and get the most from your online events.

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  • Extensive Reporting

  • Live, Interactive Chat

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